Monday, 13 April 2015

BJP, RSS' false claim on Dr Ambedkar: Hindutva groups' love for legacy of the man who quit Hinduism

Sixty seven years after independence, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its political outfit BJP have aggressively begun a drive to appropriate the legacy of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Dr Ambedkar, one of the greatest icons of modern India, had nothing in common with the ideology of the Sangh Parivar which is now going all out to claim Ambedkar as its own.

RSS stands for caste system, Ambedkar had quit it

Ambedkar suffered the atrocities of upper castes and throughout his life fought the barbaric caste-system.

He realised that millions of 'Shudras' (untouchables) can never get justice under India's Brahmanical system. His vision and his works for the uplift of the masses, have made him a hero of India's majority population comprising Backwards, Dalits, Tribals and Religious Minorities,

But leaders of Sangh including its Sarsanghchalaks always supported caste system that divides society on the basis of castes. After independence, he drafted the constitution of India.

Dr Ambedkar quit Hinduism, along with millions of his supporters, followers and devotees. They embraced Buddhism. This was a big setback to the right-wing forces in the country.

Still, they remained firm on their agenda and kept supporting caste system openly. Now a days, they are less vocal but known to justify it privately.

For the purpose of leaving Hindu religion, he chose Nagpur, the city that was headquarters of the caste Hindus and their power centre, RSS. This was important message.

For decades Hindutva leaders had an aversion for Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. Ambedkar's 22 vows can never be palatable to Hinduism.

The first three of Dr Ambedkar's vows:

1. I will neither regard Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as gods nor worship them.
2. I will neither regard Ram and Krishna as gods nor worship them.
3. I will not regard any of Gauri-Ganapati etcetra of Hindu dharma as gods or goddesses nor worship them.

Read all the vows on this Page

It is clear that following Ambedkar is a path, no Hindutva-wadi can accept, as it means the death of oppressive caste system as well. Few years after independence, Home minister Vallabh Bhai Patel allowed the RSS to function only on the condition that it would follow India's constitution.

RSS had never believed in India's constitution and after Gandhi's assassination it was banned. Even today RSS never unfurls the national flag on its headquarters or other offices, because it believes in Saffron flag.

RSS has no figures or icons, played no role in freedom movement

However, electoral considerations have compelled the Hindutva groups to change their strategy. From Vivekananda to Madan Mohan Malviya, Subhas Chandra Bose  to Dr BR Ambedkar, it wants to appropriate every prominent figure.

The reason is RSS has no figures or icons. It played no role in reform in Indian society. It was not interested in freedom movement and its leaders played no part when the entire nation was in the grip of the fervour to struggle for independence from British rule.

BJP and its ideological gurus today shamelessly claim that they believe in Ambedkar's philosophy. The truth is that the party has remained firm on the Sanghi traditions and just aims at luring Dalits.

Sangh Parivar at Dr Ambedkar's doorstep for its own survival

For a long period, Hindutva strategy has been to co-opt its detractors, if it fails to overpower them. With passing years, Ambedkar's stature has grown manifold.

It is their compulsion that they have to reach Ambedkar's doorstep for their survival. But Ambedkar's message can never be appropriated by them. If Sangh even tries seriously, it will be the collapse of its own order.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Why Jain minority leaders heading right-wing Hindu groups targeting other religious minorities in India?

Surendra Jain the general secretary of Saffron outfit Bajrang Dal has made a vicious statement once again.

He said that 'nun rape' is part of Christian culture.
Jain who earlier headed the militant Bajrang Dal.

Though he belongs to Jainism, a religion distinct of Hinduism, he is head of the Hindu group.

Officially Jains are a religious minority in India. Surendra Jain has earlier also targeted Muslims.

Praveen Togadia, who is also a Jain, heads another big right-wing group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). He regularly makes hate speeches and comments against Muslims and Christians. He has numerous cases registered against him.

Spreading hatred against Christians, Muslims

The trouble is that they practice Jainism which talks of absolute non-violence of all forms, so much that even killing insects is prohibited. But they promote violence with their speeches. There is another serious issue with these leaders (there are many more Jain leaders in right-wing Hindutva movement).

Most of them issue these statements as 'Hindu leaders'. This increases gulf between Hindus and Christians, Muslims. The other minorities feel hurt though non-Jain Hindutva leaders are generally not as aggressive.

Jains are allowed to be part of Hindu groups and associations & even lead them.

But Hindus can't enter Jain associations, trusts or groups.

Interesting fact is that while many Jains claim they are part of Hindu culture, majority of them and their religious leaders want minority status and have got it.

More aggressive, turning Hindus against others

These leaders are putting weapon on the shoulder of Hindus, and firing at Muslims and Christians.

This they are apparently doing to show themselves as hardcore Hindus and leader of Hindutva movement, but in reality they are hurting Hinduism and dividing India among religions lines.

Against non-vegetarian Hindus, Muslims and Christians

In Gujarat, most of the housing societies, that act against Muslims, Christians and Hindu castes that eat non-vegetarian are headed by Jains, an influential and moneyed minority, but surprisingly due to to their strict non-violence belief, they force non-vegetarians out, and create friction in society.

On the issue of animal slaughter too Jain activists take the toughest stand, which some Hindus like, and treat them as new Brahmins of Hinduism. But this creates rift in society and turns Hindus against others and also against SCs, STs, Backward Castes and meat-eating Hindus.

This is strange that minority community leaders are acting against minorities in India but impression goes that majority community is harassing the minorities. Do we worry about it? Isn't it time to stop this now? Read Surendra Jain's remark report.

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