Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hardline Hindutva: Terror grips Goa, 2 killed in bomb blast

When the country was relieved because of a decline in terrorist attacks for the last few months, suddenly there was a resurgence of Maoist violence. Now it's the so-called 'Hindu terrorism' that shows signs of resuscitation.

The blast that killed two workers of the right-wing Hindu group, Sanathan Saunstha, suggests that the threat of extremist Hindu outfits can't be overlooked. The activists linked to the Sanstha were caught for planting bombs in Mumbai and Thane earlier.

In Goa, IEDs were planted at other places but were fortunately diffused. This particular bomb went off prematurely in Margaon and as a result the two persons, Malgondi Patil and Yogesh Naik, died. But for the peaceful residents of Goa, it is a shocking development.

Why should fundamentalist groups choose Goa. Which gathering they waned to target. What was their objective behind the blasts. Did they want to establish a strong base in Goa, where they could have evaded police and intelligence.

The organisation workers have links with another militant outfit, Abhinav Bharat led by Pragya Thakur, which was blamed for the bomb blasts in Malegaon. There are several questions and the police have to find out answers.

After all, what incited the organisation's workers to make bombs? Radical outfits belonging to any religion or ideology must not be allowed to spread their tentacles and the government should act tough against such groups irrespective of their political affiliations--be they left-wing Naxalites, Muslim militants or Hindu hardliners.

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