Thursday, 2 August 2007

India: A nation against love?

Young girls who were caught with their boyfriends in a park in Etawah in Uttar Pradesh were mercilessly kicked and slapped by women police personnel. The shots on India TV, IBN 7 and other channels were extremely repulsive and shocking in nature.

The girls were made to sit on floor in the lockup and young police personnel, who were women, were kicking these girls on their shoulders with their boots. The police didn't stop at this. The girls' hair was pulled and they were endlessly slapped.

Was it the frustration of the police women, who didn't get love, and were taking revenge upon these girls. There was no public indecency. It was simply young ones in love, who were targeted under the notorious Operation Majnu like in Meerut sometime back when police women had beaten up couples.

Interestingly, such a shocking news didn't figure in any newspaper. Are we immune to this blatant violation of civic rights?

Ironically, we all expect the hero and his girl to get united and marry in every Bollywood movie but when it comes to real life, self-styled moral guardians--the Bajrang Dal that acts like upholder of Indian sanskriti and culture & police, all treat love as the most heinous crime.

Such police personnel should not just be suspended but should be demoted. Unless this happens the violation of human rights would not stop. Meanwhile, just to change the mood, there is a photograph of the couple enjoying the rain in Delhi.

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