Saturday, 11 May 2013

Election results indicate Nawaz Sharif's PMLN wins in Pakistan: Imran Khan's PTI, People's Party (PPP) lag behind

Contrary to expectations, Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) failed to emerge as leading party in Pakistan.

As results of the elections for national assembly in Pakistan showed Pakistan Muslim League emerging as the clear leader in the National Assembly (NA).

Veteran Nawaz Sharif is again going to become Prime Minister in the country. The PML-N may form the government on its own. The PPP and PTI will fight for the second and third positions. 

The situation is bad for the Zardari-Bhuttos' PPP as it was struggling in different parts of the country. Still, it was an achievement for PTI which was winning in urban areas. While MQM may retain its hold in its pocket boroughs, the other political parties fared badly.

There are no major surprises for the election 2013 except the emergence of Imran Khan's party. The PTI will now play the role of a strong opposition. For PPP leadership it will be the time to reflect and go back to the people.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

South India shuts its door on BJP, Congress wins: Five reasons why BJP lost in Karnataka election

BJP has lost in the Assembly election in Karnataka.

The defeat will pinch the Saffron party for long as the sole state that gave it an entry into Southern India, has now rejected it.

But the party has none but itself to blame for the mess in the last five years.

Here are the few reasons why the Karnataka's people voted against the BJP:

1. Anti-Christian violence including attack on Churches and priests in 2008 that continued even later
2. Bellary brothers took corruption to a new level
3. Sri Ram Sene thrashed women, couples publicly
4. Right-wing Hindutva outfits had free run for the last 5 years
5. Inter-religious couples, Muslims also faced the ire

You can add to it INCUMBENCY and YEDDY factor.

In Karnataka, which prided on its culture, BJP had allowed organisations like Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal and similar other groups, a free run. The state machinery rarely acted against them. As Bangalore became Bengaluru, the last five years also saw state getting defamed.

For coastal Karnataka (around Mangalore) where education levels are high, the activities of RSS lumpens had brought shame. It was no longer a modern state. The image of educated Kannadiga had changed to an uncouth, bigoted person.

Women had seen enough of rioting and moral policing. From Valentine's Day to parties in pub, nothing was beyond the Saffron reach. Perhaps, this was enough. Karnataka's pride was wounded. Yeddyurappa's exit also cost BJP dearly.

But it was a decisive vote against BJP. In 65 years after independence, Karnataka had never seen such a phase of communal riots and disharmony that it went through after BJP came to power in 2008. Now Congress has got the mandate, a clear majority in 2013 polls.

There will be expectations. The BJP should reflect on its wrongdoings. For the moment, its' celebration time for Congress though they can't be complacent. BJP is out of South India despite Narendra Modi campaigning here. Let's see what strategy they have for future as General Elections are not far away now.

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