Sunday, 25 November 2007

Photo of Barbarism: Woman stripped on street, Anarchy in Assam

The brutality with which women were stripped on the streets of Guwahati is horrific. More surprising is the silence of national media. 

When Hindi daily Dainik Jagran published this photograph on its front page with the special editorial, 'Where is the India for 5 crore tribals', it sent shockwaves among readers.

At least, 20 tribal students were lynched. They were killed in cold blood on the streets of the capital of Assam.

Many college students (girls) and women were stripped in the same fashion and their cries didn't move anybody.

The shred of cloth on her body tells the story of shamelessness of the people who indulged in this extreme and perverse violence.

The natinoal English newspapers surprisingly played down the incident. For them a minor incident in Gurgaon or Meerut is more important than anything in the remote North East.

Tomorrow India might win the cricket test match against Pakistan and the channels will show beaming Dhonis, Gangulys and Sachins. India will shine again for everybody.

Forget the blasts, Forget the violence in Assam. But will these women and their tribe ever forget this humiliation? I don't know who took this photograph, Jagran published it with a blur, still the expressions will haunt countless Indians. I have tried to conceal the face so that her identity is not revealed.

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