Sunday, 25 January 2009

Mangalore pub attack: Saffron siege in Southern India

The shocking attack on women in a pub in Mangalore reflects that this malaise that had earlier afflicted North Indian states and Maharashtra, has now reached Southern India also.

The goons of a saffron outfit that ironically has the name, 'Sri Ram Sena', not just humiliated girls but also crossed all limits of decency and civility when they kicked, pushed and molested them.

Worse, the Sena leaders were unapologetic. A Sri Ram Sena leader said that he had no regret and the group did the right thing. He said that these girls were not acting as per the Hindu traditions and needed to be taught a lesson.

"On receiving the report that these women were consuming alcohol, which is not allowed in our culture, our workers reached the pub and punished them", he said. The Sena has earlier attacked Churches in various Cities of Karnataka including the capital Bangalore.

But the latest incident has once again proved that the Hindutva Taliban are ready to act as guardians of Indian culture and morality. In the name of safeguarding the tradition, they performed indecent acts and assaulted girls. The Bajrang Dal activists were also involved in this attack.

Sadly, the governments fail to act and as a result India is getting swept by such hooliganism.

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