Sunday 1 July 2012

Attack on MLA Rumi Nath in Assam signifies a new low for Indian society: Corruption okay, Choice of husband not!

Corruption fine, not woman's choice of husband!
We tolerate corruption worth billions, raise no voice against injustice to poor and never take to streets to protest the misdeeds of bureaucrats but hundreds gathered to attack the woman over her marriage.

Even if she married again, without proper divorce (this is just an unsubstantiated allegation) from her first husband, its her personal life and action can be taken as per law.

But who are the citizens who 'teach her lesson'. How many of them who attacked her were saints who had committed no crime during their life on this earth.

A hapless pregnant woman was targeted and beaten up by hundreds because they suspected she married Jaki Zakir, a Muslim, after conversion to Islam and without divorce. It was our society's collective hypocrisy at its best, when people entered her hotel room and targeted the couple.

She was seriously injured in the brutal attack. Rumi Nath's husband also received multiple injuries. The incident in Karimganj angered her supporters in Hailakundi, who held protests. Tension was in several parts of the state, due to this dastardly assault.

The entire attack was shown on TV screens and NCW took a note of it. There was outrage in some sections but overall the 'Holier than thou' attitude and the role of playing moral police has showed our society in poor light.

The right-wing Hindutva forces are doing incalculable damage to our secular fabric and the multi-cultural ethos. Time to identify and arrest the guilty and punish them severely so that no one in future dares to take such an action. 

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