Friday, 25 July 2008

Now serial blasts in Bangalore: 1 dead, 15 injured

After a brief lull, the terror has struck South India again. Bangalore was rocked by five serial bomb blasts on Friday.

The serial blasts have returned just 2-1/2 months after similar explosions occurred in Jaipur, in May this year. The person whose death was confirmed was a woman, initial reports said.

However, unconfirmed reports said the toll could go up to three. Though the blasts were mostly of low-intensity and didn't cause as much destruction, as similar explosions in the past have caused, the blasts did create a sense of scare in the City that symbolises India's forward leap in software technology.

Banglore is the face of a new and vibrant India. Initial reports suggest that one person has been killed and nearly 15 have been injured. The blasts were reported from Adugodi, Madivala, Nayandahalli and other areas of the outskirts of South Bangalore.

Bangalore, (now known as Bengaluru), has seen similar strikes in the past when the Indian Institute of Science was targeted. One wonders how long India will continue to face such terror that comes without any warning!

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