Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sex Scandal in JNU: The trend of circulating pornographic MMS, video clips

Say No to porn MMS

A dangerous trend of circulating pornographic MMS clips has caught on among youths and even the middle-aged professionals in India.

The recent JNU scandal in Delhi highlights how young girls and boys get carried away and shoot their own private moments which later turn not just embarrassing for them but can also put them into jail. But the 'culture' of circulating MMS has acquired alarming proportions.

It's much easier than carrying the blue film cassettes or even X-rated CDs as umpteen films can be kept in your cell phone. But little do people realise that even sending the clips in a serious criminal offence in India.

Sheer luck if no one complains but if you are unlucky and there is a police complaint about a porn clip forwarded by you, it can land you in prison for years as the Information Technology (IT) Act is much more serious about such crimes than you can ever imagine.

The MMS scandals have ruined lives. Ironically the cases of youths blackmailing girls with the clips taken in the past are getting reported from all over India including small towns also. However, there is little the authorities or the government has done to create awareness.

As St Valentine's Day approaches, take a vow that you will not store any sexually explicit image in your cell phone and avoid forwarding or sending any Multi-Media Service (MMS) clip that has a sexual content.

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