Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ahmedabad rocked by serial blasts: Two Indian cities rocked in two days

Just a day after the bombs blasts rocked Bangalore, 17 similar explosions hit Ahmedabad despite the high-alert across the country.

The first blast was reported from Mani Nagar and soon the explosions were reported from Isanpur, Narol, Hatkeshwar, Bapu Nagar and Sarang Nagar areas of the City. By late night the reports suggested 29 deaths and 88 injured in the bomb blasts.

Tiffin boxes on cycles were used for the explosions. Though the scale of death and destruction was similar to that of Bangalore unlike blasts in the past, the aim was clear--terrorists want to scare and send the message that any Indian city is within their reach, anytime.

Later reports suggested that there were more than ten blasts in Ahmedabad on Saturday. An outfit, Indian Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility. It's a grave security issue for the nation and the audacity of the terrorists should serve as a wakeup call for everybody.

Now, what the government is doing about that. Once the reports of the blasts go from front page to inside pages of the newspapers, the investigative agencies also seem to slow down. Two major cities of India have been targeted in two days.

Seventeen blasts in Ahmedabad and eight blasts in Bangalore a day earlier that make it 25 blasts in two days. Isn't it scary?

Still, our intelligence agencies and government remain complacent and forgetting to pursue the terrorists, just after a few days of every such blast. Let's see how the Centre reacts to it. Past history suggests that after a few days, everything will be forgotten again.

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