Saturday, 29 December 2007

How a Pakistani tragedy brought sorrow for Indians: Benazir's death

Despite the traditional enmity between India and Pakistan, the death of Benazir Bhutto instantly became a tragedy for Indians also. On Friday millions watched the news in shock and disbelief.

Every face looked sad and concerned. The neighbour's loss became our loss. And Indians were united with Pakistan in this hour of grief. Were not those emotions real? Of course, the Indians were disgusted.

We have suffered terrorism. Lost our Prime Ministers and other big leaders to such mindless violence. Despite tension and wars, Indians, mostly are emotional and when Benazir was assassinated, the hearts of Indians went out to Pakistanis.

This is the true culture of the sub-continent. One had to watch Indian TV channels, newspapers and the reaction of average man on the street to gauge the mood. The Pakistanis must also realise the same. They should understand the dangers of religious extremism.

And make a fresh beginning. The Pakistani nation has almost lost its sovereignty and US interference has reached bizarre levels. There is need for Pak society to understand that friendship with India and peace in sub-continent will bring prosperity for both sides.


Interestingly, Bal Thackeray in Samna has also lamented the death of Benazir and said that she was a courageous woman who came back to her country to fight fundamentalism. He writes that he felt a personal loss and is sad at her demise. Thackeray further wrote that Pakistan was created for Muslims and the Muslims are themselves hell-bent on its destruction.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Doctors turns Butchers in Hyderabad: Better stop treating politicians than taking revenge on poor patients

If the doctors at the Nilofar Hospital in Hyderabad were really angry with a politician assaulting a lady doctor, they should have decided not to treat any politician till there was an unconditional apology.

The unity of doctors and the entire medical fraternity's support to strike suggests this. But they didn't do that. They stopped treating poor and ten children died due to the strike. Did it help them?

It is not just any ordinary profession. They take Hippocratic Oath. And more than that, the doctors do get tremendous respect for their job. People give a doctor more respect than any other professional. This they must keep in mind.

But letting the poor die at Neelofar Hospital, has highlighted their insensitivity. Don't they have any heart? Will they not treat their own family member who is ill. As children kept dying and their family members were crying, the doctors were not moved.

This is shameful. Government must take action. Nobody says that the MLA should not be punished. The MIM leader must be sent to jail. But doctors had better boycotted politicians than the ordinary citizens.

By their act the junior docs have proved that though the politicians will mistreat them, they don't have the guts to take on them. And will take revenge on the poor and the needy. Doctors should show their humane qualities.

There were reports that said that as many as 16 deaths took place at Niloufer Hospital during the strike though authorities kept claiming that most of them were 'routine deaths'. The strike began after the MLA assaulted a lady doctor at the biggest state-run children's hospital in the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Six photos on December 6: Black Mannequins in Hyderabad, Shiv Sena in Delhi and India 15 years after 1992

1. On the left is the photo of mannequins wearing black dress in Hyderabad to protest the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.

Though the Black Day by Muslims and Shaurya Diwas by Hindus are annual fixtures, the shop-owner has came out with an interesting idea and a good opportunity for photographers than the usual sloganeering and protests. A banner 'Remembering December 6' also hangs at this shop.

And his commitment. Seems he doesn't care a bit about losing out on Hindu customers!

2. The second photo on the right is from Faizabad. Two Muslim raising a black flag above a mosque in Faizabad. The third photo is from Delhi where Shiv Sena clashed with Muslims sitting on a dharna.

3. With tridents in hand they reached the place and there was a street fight. Some persons were injured. The police, as usual, came much, letter. The newspapers and channels got some exiciting to report on December 6.

4. The fourth is the photo of Ayodhya 4. The photo of Ayodhya where Rapid Action Force guards the entrance to temple.

Sad, that Lord Rama needs such security!

There are two more photos. One of the market near Char Minar in Hyderabad, which is totally shut. Is there any other City where people remember December 6 so much?

I think these shops are closed also because the people fear violence in Hyderabad on this day. The last photo shows a gunman standing at the Eidgah-Krishna Janmabhoomi at Mathura, which is also considered disputed and is among the two main disputed places after Ayodhya. The third is in Varanasi (Kashi) where Vishwanth Temple-Gyanwapi Mosque is located.

NOW 15 years later, I feel Indians don't want a repeat of another December 6. We have understood that it was pure politics of hate. Hindus and Muslims both suffered. In UP there were not many Vijay Diwas celebrations this year. Muslims are also not as angry and hurt, as they appeared.

Everybody wants to forget December 6, 1992. But it must always remind us how just a few politicians had tried to play with the sentiments of people and get to power on dead bodies of Indians and trying to break this great nation. India bathed in blood for many weeks after December 6. And they were happy. But we must not let this happen again.

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