Tuesday, 6 September 2011

BJP loses moral high ground on corruption to Congress

Why should the BJP oppose Lokayukta in Gujarat?
Is there much difference between BJP and Congress when it comes to Corruption? The answer may vary as per a person's perception and his/her liking for either of the parties.

But for the last few months, BJP had got an upper hand over Congress. The ruling party was cornered due to scams. The huge corruption in Commonwealth Games had put the UPA on the defensive. The spectrum scam involving DMK and Congress had worsened the situation for the party.

With Anna Hazare's agitation, the BJP got another shot in the arm. Corruption had become the national issue. Congress seemed incapable of handling the situation. But no sooner did the Governor in Gujarat appointed a Lokayukta, the BJP was crying hoarse.

The fact that Narendra Modi government had not appointed a Lokayukta for seven years is ample proof of the state government's reluctance in establishing an anti-corruption ombudsman. However, when as per the Gujarat state act, the Governor appointed the Lokayukta, the BJP leaders went on staging protests.

The manner in which the party has made it an issue from street to President's House, has once again showed it in extreme poor light. If Modi administration is clean, why should the BJP be wary of a Lokayukta? Unless of course, its leaders are as corrupt as Reddy brotherss of Karnataka. Most of the major states have the institution.

With CBI arresting the Bellary brothers--the Reddys--for illegal mining and stashing away huge wealth, the focus is back on Karnataka. The BJP that had an advantage over Congress has once again lost it. As its ex-MPs are sent to jail by court in Cash for Vote scams, the party can only curse itself for mishandling the situation.

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