Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bombs raining in Surat: What lies beneath?

For two days bombs have almost been raining in Surat, the Diamond City of Gujarat.

Wherever the cops laid hands, they found a bomb. And wherever the public found something suspicious, it also came out to be a bomb.

Though we have just seen blasts in Bangalore and then serial explosions in Ahmedabad that killed 50 people, it is still a big mystery as to how so many bombs were planted and none of them exploded in Surat.

Suddenly we have come to know that these bombs were a bit different and had some chip, and as a programme perhaps didn't execute these improvised explosive devices (IEDs) didn't explode.

All the bombs were defused in the end. But questions remain about the tremendous failure of terrorists, as well as the supreme success of our police in recovering the bombs and then defusing them all.
Nobody is taking Sushma Swaraj seriously, as terrorism is not just any other political issue that should be used to train guns at the other party but the mystery of 21 live bombs planted in Surat, will haunt us for quite sometime.

How terrorists managed to do that so easily just a day after Ahmedabad. And if they really did that, will we ever get to know the exact persons and their names who planted them? Rather than police gunning down a few and claiming that they were X, Y and Z involved in it.

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