Thursday, 31 July 2008

Two kids die in Asaram Ashram in MP after 2 deaths in Ahmedabad

What's wrong with the Ashrams of Sant Asaram Bapu? First, two cousins died in mysterious circumstances in Ahmedabad, an incident that brought the citizens on the streets.

Now two kids have died in a couple of days in the Sant's ashram in Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. Ram Krishna Yadav, a four year old, died on Wednesday and Vedant, a five year old, died on Friday.
In all, four kids have died in his Ashrams. Yadav was found dead in a toilet. Vedant is found dead in the nearby bathroom with his head drowned in the water bucket and the ashram doctor said that he perhaps slipped and died because of injury.
Is it all a coincidence that after Dipesh Praful Vaghela, 10, and Abhishek Shantilal Vaghela, 11, were found dead in the gurukul (school) of the Ashram in Ahmedabad?

Or it is something sinister that is going on in the Ashram. We don't blame the baba but if the caretakers and the staff of the Ashram should be grilled and it must be found out whether the children face any exploitation or abuse. This is what many suspect.

In Chhindwara, over a thousand strong crowd came to the streets and was lathi-charged by police. The angry residents wanted that the school be shut, inquiry conducted and the Saint charged for murder.

Godmen and religious gurus manage to get away from inquiries and investigations because of their connections. Asharam Bapu may be a real saint but the way minor children are dying in the ashram, it is definitely alarming and a high-level probe must be ordered.

Earlier, Gujarat witnessed mass protests on the same issue and now Madhya Pradesh is witnessing similar anger. Another thing that should concern us is that why kids as young as four and five who can hardly take care of themselves, be left to these Ashrams?

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