Friday, 2 May 2008

Was Malika Sherawat's dress revealing?

Is there no issue left in this nation except dress? Sania Mirza, Cheergirls in IPL matches and now Malika, who was quite well-dress on this occasion.

It's just another publicity stunt. Almost a week after Malika Sherawat appeared at a music launch function in Chennai, a self-styled guardian of our culture has filed a complaint with the police.

The Hindu Makal Kachi leader though a bit late, realised that Mallika had dressed in an improper way. Obviously can't see the gyrating hips of actresses on the channels and the much bawdy dances on South Indian (and of course, North Indian) TV Channels.

It has become a fashion to talk about 'indecent dress' in India. A Moulvi issues a fatwa about Sania Mirza's dress, the actor-turned-politician Shotgun finds the cheergirls obscene and the Tamil Nadu guy finds Malika's dress as vulgar.

He even doesn't like the way she dared to sit ie cross-legged in the presence of Chief Minister. Malika and actresses like her court such controversies but it is also a way to get publicity for little-known politicians by filing cases in either police station or approaching courts on the issue of morality and preserving culture.

The complainant says her revealing dress and expsoure caused mental agony to people. In a lighter vein, I must say that it must have caused agony as she was quite 'over-dressed' given her reputation!

[Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat's photo at the Chennai function]

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