Friday, 30 May 2008

Justice for Kataras: Muscle, money fail as Vikas Yadav gets life imprisonment

It was money and muscle that had turned the two arrogant brats, Vikas Yadav and his cousin Vishal Yadav, into believing that they will get away with the heinous crime of murdering Nitish Katara and later burning the body

The cousins will now have to spend the rest of their lives in jail. DP Yadav, a rogue politician of Western UP, may have thought that he will bail out his son Vikas and nephew Vishal but the inspiring fight of Nitish's mother Neelam has turned the tables.

Ofcourse, the verdict reinforces the belief of Indians that the courts remain the last hope in a society where everything is bought if you are rich and everything hushed up if you are well-connected.

The media pressure, the sensitivity of the courts and the fight of Neelam Katara has ultimately sent the two goons to prison. It is laudable. Though it took six long years for Kataras to get justice, it may never have come their way, had Neelam not remained firm and steadfast in her resolve.

Not every ordinary person can fight the case in such a manner. Nor all cases end up this way. But such sentences do act as deterrents for the power-drunk who feel that they can trample upon anybody and treat others are 'keeday makoday' .

The court didn't pronounce capital punishment. Had Yadav got death punishment, it would have had far reaching consequences. Still, it is a happy moment for Nitish's family and the rest of the law-abiding Indians.

We wonder, what Bharti might be thinking today. The case will continue as appeals will be made but given the popular pressure it will be almost impossible for the duo to expect any relief in future. Justice was delayed but not denied..
Photo: Nitish Katara

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