Saturday, 3 May 2008

Bush cries: 'India eats my food'

Dubya is dumb, everybody knows. Once again the American president has proved it his statement on global food crisis that Indians eat more and causing the shortage the world over.

The greedy guzzlers of all world energy, Americans, have suddenly discovered that Indians eat a lot and want to eat better.

"There is a strong middle class in India, about 350 million, more than the population of United States of America and they want to eat well so our food prices are rising."

First, Condoleeza Rice said it. And now George W Bush has repeated it. So a healthy India makes US uncomfortable.

And Indians are still far from eating well. Farmers are committing suicides, droughts have ruined Bundelkhand and though Indians have moved on from the old days, such statements exhibit typical American Arrogance.

After all, for US the sole concern is their own economy. The dollar is weakening and there are no signs of its resurgence. For once every Indian party and politician seems to have come together on this issue and have issued strong statements. Of late, they were all under perpetual awe of USA.

America has ravaged countries after countries from Japan to Afghanistan in the last sixty years. It cares little about global opinion and about lives of other human beings on the planet. For Oil, which it needs to drive its economy, it has imposed wars on third world countries in our neighbourhood in which millions have been killed.

What one expects from such a nation? The statement is hardly anything comparable in magnitude to America's misadventures in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Dubya's era is gone. A few months on and we will have another guy in White House.

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