Saturday, 31 May 2008

Burney's deportation:Unpardonable and Un-Indian

'Regrettable', that's how the Home Minsistry put it. But it's more than that, it is absolutely shameful. Former Human Rights Minister of Pakistan Ansar Burney is among the few to have risen above petty politics in the sub-continent and hasn't been bitten by the bug of myopic jingoism.

He is passionate about human rights, was working to save Sarabjit and other Indians lodged in Pakistani jails. Besides, he was coming to India to attend the Peace Conference. But the action of the authorities at the Indira Gandhi Airport is absolutely unpardonable.

Now the officials are passing the buck. We are hearing about a look out notice and that it was a mistake at the Regional Registration Office. But this could seriously damage the prospects of Indians lodged in prisons. Sarabjit's family was horrified with the mistreatment.

One thought that the days of mistreating the embassy officials of the other country and deporting them was over. There was an era when we saw Indian High Commission officials manhandled and later deported on the usual charges of spying. More over, it was not expected from our government to show such insensitivity. It takes time to build confidence but a rash action like this can jeopardise all the process.

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