Monday, 5 May 2008

Liar Apollo docs to face trial

It's good to hear that the Supreme Court rejected the Apollo doctors' plea and they will now face the trial in the Rahul Mahajan drug case.

Remember the straight face with which these docs kept lying for days in front of media persons! They destroyed evidences and fabricated the reports. All attempts were made to show that Mahajan hadn't taken drugs. Even the hospital's registers were tampered.

The docs did all that just because the young brat was well-connected and had ample money. The doctors should have treated him to the best of their abilities but they became accomplices in a crime.

Dr Anupam Sibal, Dr Abha Gupta, Dr Awadhesh Bansal, Dr Prasad Rao, Mukund Pandey and Ali Ganai other than the staff of the hospital who did the conspiracy must face the trial. They can hire a battery of good lawyers, may get the case drag for long and even get acquitted.

But at least they will have to make rounds to the court, face a degree of embarrassment and the society would recall how they weaved a web of deception to save a young man. In June 2006, Rahul and his father Pramod Mahajan's secretary Bibek Moitra were admitted to the hospital.

Moitra had died in the incident. Though Apollo authorities kept on insisting that there were no traces of drugs in their urine and blood samples, the other lab reports confirmed that drug overdose led to the system failure.
The doctors went to Supreme Court agaist the High Court judgment which refused to quash the charges levelled by the police against them. But the Supreme Court rejected their appeal and they will now face charges under Section 177.

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