Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Tata launches Rs 1 lakh car Nano: Initial impressions

At last, the wait is over. The Rs 1 lakh, Nano, was unveiled at the Auto Expo on Thursday.

The car is air-conditioned. It is 8% smaller than Maruti 800 in size but has 21% more space inside compared to the Maruti's basic model. Ratan Tata said that three models, a standard and two deluxe, have been launched.

Initial reactions were again mixed. Some felt that it was too small and may not be comfortable enough. The car adheres to Euro 4 standards.

The 624 cc Nano has only one wiper. Along with taxes, the Nano standard may cost you around Rs 1,15,000 (after taxes). Most of the car-owners who naturally own bigger cars dismissed it when they watched it getting unveiled live on television.

But it caters to a different segment and whether Indians reject it or accept it will be known only once its rolled out of factories. The challenge will be to produce lakhs of cars.

The car may be a hit with the youngsters. Those aspiring to have their first car will surely go for it. Tata deserves a standing ovation for bringing out the car. For millions who only dreamt to own a car, it has surely made it a possibility now to buy a four-wheeler.

One thing is sure Ratan Tata has reposed the faith of public in him. Of course, the company can't come out with a grand luxury car at this cost and it has to stay an business. Experts from the automobile industry termed it as 'competitive', 'fantastic' and 'ideal mini car'. Available in Red, Yellow and Silver, the Nano will give run 22-23 kms per litre.

Given its track record people trusted Tata. The company also managed to build an unprecedented hype.

And the company seems to have delivered. People's car will also force other companies to reduce the prices of their existing models. At least for Rs 1.25 lakh, it is not going to be a bad deal.

Also, the car with metal sheet body is quite strong. It can withstand accidental damage to a large extent. Much safer than Maruti, claims the company that conducted severe tests to test its strength. It has been tested for full frontal crash test. The engine is in the backside of the car. It will cause less pollution and though there is no power steering, such things are a small issue. The humble People's car definitely will have an edge on other cars in terms of manoeuvrability due to its small size.

Thumbs up to Tata for turning dreams into reality.
[ Pictures and Photograph of Rs 1 lakh car]

For complete details and specifications of this car Click on the website of Tata Motors here.

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