Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Don't hound Sania Mirza

It is not long ago when Sania Mirza had protested in the course of a match abroad when the Indian flag was not properly hoisted and she had resumed play only after the mistake was corrected.

Then the media was all praise for her. But that's history. The media has conveniently forgotten that episode.

Now the same Sania Mirza is in the midst of a controversy surrounding her. She is accused of disrespect towards the national flag due to this photo (link).

The truth is that a publicity hungry person or a lawyer with hardly any clientele can get lot of media attention through such tactics.

Filing cases against Sachin Tendulkar for cutting a cake of the shape of India or filing a case against Sania Mirza is nothing but a useless activity, which the media unnecessary laps up. It is a favourite pastime for many persons to file such cases to get into limelight.

The electronic media gives good publicity to such pranksters as it gets good TRPs for showing scandals and controversies surrounding the celebrities of sports, Bollywood and other fields.

But do such lawyers, who care a lot about India's honour, ever think of taking on the corruption in court premises where the clerk openly takes bribe in front of magistrate and to which nobody can protest for fear of contempt of court.

Across India it is a common sight in all lower courts to see the court babu or munshi taking money for extending hearing dates in court room itself but no lawyer seems to have ever given thought to this disgrace in the temple of justice?

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