Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Of Britney Spears' possible conversion to Islam, Bobby Jindal embracing Christianity & Obama leaving Islam

Celebrity pop singer Britney Spears is likely to marry Adnan Ghalib, a Birmingham based 35 year old who originally belongs to Paistan.

There are rumours that she will settle in Pakistan, start her life afresh after the two divorces and is considering to convert to Islam. Though Adnan Ghalib's parents have threatened that they will disown him if he marries Britney.

The couple is unmoved and ready with their marriage plans. She reportedly told a doubting relative of his over the phone that, "they were taking care of each other. He's the only one who understands me. It's serious."

2. Anything about a celebrity like Britney makes a good story. But when it is about conversion it becomes big news. Just the other day there were reports about Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who had converted to Catholicism.

Jindal, son of a Hindu parents, quit his religion when he was in High School. A reporter spoke to his uncle Subhash Gupta, who said that the family was quite at ease with the decision.
His wife says that it is difficult to instill Hinduism and its teachings in the mind of a child who is growing in USA. Hmm. Another aunt, Nirmal Agarwal, termed it natural and spiritually healthy.

3. Of course, the third story is about US presidental candidate Barrack Hussein Obama whose father was a Kenyan Muslim and who is allegedly to have studied in a Muslim school in his childhood and prayed in the mosque.

But then the young Obama became a Christian. Surely he is no fool. Barack Obama has chances to win election but the name Barkat Husain Obama would never have taken him to where he stands right now in US.

The bottom line is that conversion is no big deal. Bobby Jindal must have set his eyes on his ambition when he decided to 'convert'. For those who take religion seriously it's important and they are shocked but for the opportunists, it is as simple as changing their clothes.

It is also true that most people frown at conversions but love to read the stories of celebrities. And when someone of our religion changes his faith to embrace other religion, we don't feel too happy. But those who consider every conversion as a Minus, have reasons to feel secure.
For those who are really worried about a person leaving their faith and get concerned about 'dwindling' population, the following equation may give some solace:

If Islam gets 1 Britney from Christianity
Christians can take solace in getting 1 Obama from Islam
Hindusim may have lost Bobby Jindal to Christianity but
Hindus gained 1 celebrity Liz Hurley who married to Arun Nayar recently.... and so on and so on... (if you consider that marrying a male, a woman automatically switches her faith)

So nobody needs to worry about their declining numbers. Conversions, for various reasons will continue, and nobody will be a loser. There will be pluses and minuses but end result will not hurt the population too much.

Britney's case is different, as she may have found emotional support with Adnan. Earlier Jemima tried hard to adjust to the life of Pakistan and then returned to Britian. People do read such stories even though Britney isn't married yet, let alone converting.

Still, there is something about Men from the Sub-continent that Western women are attracted. Perhaps, it is their commitment for a life-long companionship that goes well.
[Photos: Britney Spears on top followed by Jindal, Obama and Elizabeth Hurley]

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