Saturday, 29 December 2007

How a Pakistani tragedy brought sorrow for Indians: Benazir's death

Despite the traditional enmity between India and Pakistan, the death of Benazir Bhutto instantly became a tragedy for Indians also. On Friday millions watched the news in shock and disbelief.

Every face looked sad and concerned. The neighbour's loss became our loss. And Indians were united with Pakistan in this hour of grief. Were not those emotions real? Of course, the Indians were disgusted.

We have suffered terrorism. Lost our Prime Ministers and other big leaders to such mindless violence. Despite tension and wars, Indians, mostly are emotional and when Benazir was assassinated, the hearts of Indians went out to Pakistanis.

This is the true culture of the sub-continent. One had to watch Indian TV channels, newspapers and the reaction of average man on the street to gauge the mood. The Pakistanis must also realise the same. They should understand the dangers of religious extremism.

And make a fresh beginning. The Pakistani nation has almost lost its sovereignty and US interference has reached bizarre levels. There is need for Pak society to understand that friendship with India and peace in sub-continent will bring prosperity for both sides.


Interestingly, Bal Thackeray in Samna has also lamented the death of Benazir and said that she was a courageous woman who came back to her country to fight fundamentalism. He writes that he felt a personal loss and is sad at her demise. Thackeray further wrote that Pakistan was created for Muslims and the Muslims are themselves hell-bent on its destruction.

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