Monday, 13 December 2010

Monstrous murder: Software engineer kills wife in Dehradun

The common belief that educated person gets more sensible, understanding and humane has once again been shattered.

The brutal murder in Dehradun where software engineer Rajesh Gulati, 37, killed his wife Anupama and cut her into 70 pieces to hid the body, shows that educated persons are often more methodical when committing crimes.

He was disposing the pieces in a local forest one by one when the police arrested him. US-return Gulati was already facing a case of domestic violence which was filed by his wife.

Gulati killed Anupama by strangulating her in October and hid the body parts in the deep freezer. But his brother-in-law had got suspicious as Gulati didn't tell anyone about his wife's whereabouts.

This is not the first such incident. of crime. In recent years the most despicable crimes involving murders of friends, lovers, paramours and spouses have been committed in the most grisly manner by highly educated persons.

Software engineers have been arrested for planned murders in different cities in India. In Bangalore, a techie had planned his wife's murder with such precision that police were almost misled until he was arrested. In Hyderabad and other cities also BPO and software employees have been arrested.

Navy officer Liutenant Jerome Mathew and his model girl friend Monica Maria were arrested for the murder of a top media executive Neeraj Grover in Mumbai. In that incident also, the body was chopped off and hidden in separate bags for disposal.

Murders and crimes of passions among educated persons reflect a worrying trend. If it's stress level, then poor persons are more stresses as they have to battle multiple problems. Or is is that educated persons are ebtter planners and tend to be more cunning in their approach!

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