Monday, 7 April 2008

Rahul Gandhi takes bath with special soap after meeting Dalits: Mayawati

With the general elections drawing nearer, the political atmosphere is hotting up and BSP supremo Mayawati fired her latest salvo in a rally on Monday where she made a 'revelation' that the 'prince' of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi purifies himself after meeting Dalits.

The political rhetoric hit a new low when she said: 'I have come to know through my sources that Rahul cleans himself, taking bath with special soap and using incense sticks for his shuddhikaran after meeting the Dalits'.

Feeling cornered and fearing that everybody has ganged up against her, Mayawati is getting aggressive. She earlier hit out at Mahendra Singh Tikait, Buta Singh, Shri Prakash Jaiswal and Sonia Gandhi apart from making harsh statements against other leaders including Rahul in the past.

She termed Rahul's stay in a Dalit house as a show-off. With Samajwadi party supremo (SP) Mulayam Singh getting closer to Congress, Maya is feeling the heat. Besides, she doesn't want Dalits to get back to Congress.

After all, she eyes the post of Prime Minister of India, and for that she needs to keep Dalits all over the country, away from Congress. The sharp rhetoric is part of the same design. After all, her constituency--the Dalits, believe her.
As far as the kind of language used in the politics, the lesser said the better it is. People on constitutional posts have forgotten how to maintain the dignity of their office and their position. And she is no exception.

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