Sunday, 6 April 2008

Do Indian sportswomen cover themselves too much?

The Indian women don't wear short dresses in sports. Ofcourse, it is a known fact that most males are more interesting in seeing the skin.

And isn't this a reason for lack in women's sports in India. The players don't wear skimpy dresses that would appeal to the voyeur among Indian men.

What else explains the general disinterest in sports, except when it comes to Sania Mirza. The two photographs here will probably explain that a bit.

Here is an Indian girl playing a Kazakhastan woman in the beach volleyball, a sport that is termed an eye-feast for many male spectators due to the bikinis worn by the players.

The Kazakh woman (isn't that a Muslim country) looks perfectly dressed for the beach in the 'itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini' as CNN described it. And the Indian girl returning the ball is dressed quite traditionally.

Now comes another contest in the same championship that was recently held in Hyderabad. Here comes the Hong Kong player and now it's going to be tough for the spectators, whom to focus their eyes on.

The photos are of the competition that was recently held in Hyderabad. Those who went to see the game, loved it, for obvious reasons. Why don't we have such sports regularly and why our girls wear don't show skin, they rued even in this era.

But shouldn't they thank their stars that such events are now beind held in India. Our culture police hasn't turned attention towards it as yet.

And at least, there is some further action to look forward in the sporting arena apart from Sania, who is fed up of the constant hounding and the eyeballs surrounding the star tennis player, forcing her to take the decision of not to play in the country for a while.

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