Saturday, 12 April 2008

Price Rise: Angry Citizens, Policitians Feel the Heat

When prices rise, the governments feel the heat. The politicians, who are most insensitive to issues, suddenly get restless.

As they know, the millions who are suffering, will exercise their only effective right during the elections.
The onion case is a now classic in India. The National Capital was a BJP stronghold but when onion prices soared, Congress swept the elections in Delhi.
UPA government seems concerned but hasn't been able to take firm measures on this front. Kapil Sibal's statement that 'The government has no magic wand' is only going to hurt his party.

The voter doesn't like this arrogance. Yes, you don't have magic wand. But you are in power and you have to take steps. At least, you have to reassure and not express your helplness.

I don't like using the word 'inflation'. It doesn't convey the sense and is more a word for the economists. For the ordinary Indians, it is 'mehengai', a question of their daily bread (forget the butter).
The increase in prices of essential goods, food articles, grocery items and other household needs have hit millions of families in India. Prices of egetables, cooking oil, grains and mutton are all up.
The measures to reduce the duty on few items won't make an affect, rather the government neeeds more serious steps to tackle the issue and must go for a crackdown on hoarders. It will take a few more days and if the steps are not taken, the same politicians will feel the ground slipping below their feet.
Photo by mfitch courtesy Flickr

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