Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Yuvraj's Sixes: Can anything else lift spirit of nation?

Euphoria swept across the country as Yuvraj hit six sixers in one over in the Twenty-20 World Cup match against England at Durban.

As Yuvie hit sixes after sixes, the spirit of the nation suddenly got lifted. Everybody was calling friends and even informing passers-by about Yuvaraj's scintillating performance.

India may have won the Asia Cup in hockey recently or achieved success in any other field ranging from science and technology to education and commerce but nothing turns Indians as delighted as just an Indian batsman slaughtering a bower in cricket.

It is simply MASS HYSTERIA. And what triggers it in almost everyone of us is a mystery!

Once could see people congratulating unknown passers-by and hugging them, sending sms to friends and calling people to watch the match.

As the news spread, almost everybody looked ecstatic. Once again it proves how cricket binds this nation and boosts us. Yuvraj launched the attack in Stuart Broad's over that read an astonishing 6-6-6-6-6-6-6.

The 50 came just over 12 balls and is the fastest half century in this form of game and also any other form of cricket including tests, one days and first class cricket. Yuvraj sets Kingsmead ground afire with his blitz of sixes. Long back Gary Sobers hit sixes on Malcolm Nash's over and later Ravi Shankar Shastri hit Tilak Raj on all six balls of over in First Class Matches.

Let's celebrate the victory and this great record.

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