Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Criminal act to reward cricketers

Cricketers are earning enough money and nobody can belittle the achievement of the young team that won the Twenty20 world cup in South Africa but the way Indian politicians and chief ministers (apart from the Board) are showering them with huge cash rewards, is disgusting to say the least.

Is it justified in this poor nation where a majority of Indians don't earn more than Rs 20 a day, to gift lakhs and crores. After all, the politicians are rewarding these cricketers with our money and more than the cricketers it is the ordinary, poor Indian that needs it.

There are hundreds of lives lost in this country for want of medicines. People die of starvation. This is not just a joke. And Indian politicians must understand that the lakhs they give away is people's money, the poor also have right on them and it can't be gifted away so easily. It's criminal to give money to the wealthy cricketers.

Compare it to the Indian hockey team, which recently won Asia Cup and though there were congratulatory messages from the same politicians, was there any such cash reward! If Yuvraj hit six sixes, Indian hockey team also hit 57 goals in the entire Asia Cup including a 20-0 win against Sri Lanka. In the final South Korea was beaten convincingly 7-2.

Even the kind of money Cricket Board (BCCI) gives away in terms of cash, which justified by many, is no less filthy display of wealth. Until recently great cricketers of yesteryears died for lack of treatment and poor financial condition in old age.

The Board perhaps wants to lure the cricketers and teach Zee group's fledgling ICL a lesson. Perhaps for once I can close my eyes to BCCI giving away money to cricketers but not to the politicians squandering away the cash, as if it is their personal property.

And let the criminals who have given us immense joy, earn money through their game, advertisements, endorsements and other ways but I find it sad that not only politicians are giving away the money, but we are all mute witness to this act, as if cricketers have the right to be pampered and treated this way, all the time.

These Chief Ministers, from Maharahstra to Jharkhand and Karnataka, don't pay attention when farmers commit suicides. But have the time to felicitate cricketers in public functions. What a pity that we are engaged in meaningless debates that whether politicians should have sat in the front row or cricketers in the stadium in Mumbai, rather than stopping these politicians from their irresponsible acts.

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