Tuesday, 20 January 2009

BJP in Disarray: Disgruntled leaders spoil Advani's dream

With Kalyan Singh again quitting the BJP and the party losing one of its most recognisable faces in Uttar Pradesh, the Saffron outfit suddenly appears faltering just at the last hurdle.

Everything was going on well for LK Advani and his party. After the Mumbai terrorist attack, the BJP hoped that its tough stand on the issue of terrorism would make it a natural favourite among the voters. But the results of the Assembly elections proved otherwise.

Now Bhairon Singh Shekhawat's rebellious pose and the exit of Kalyan Singh are likely to hurt the BJP. Though Uma Bharti had failed to make an impact in the Madhya Pradesh election, the 'parallel BJP' that is almost getting established outside the BJP, will eat into the traditional votes of the party.

The BJP can't hope to replicate its best performance. Currently it has just 138 seats in the 545 member Lok Sabha. It can't hope to improve its performance drastically and suddenly reach a magic figure.

At best, the BJP can hope that the Congress falters so that with the help of allies, it can form the government. But the situation isn't as rosy for its allies either, many of which are facing anti-incumbency in states.

With dissidents leaving the party and ganging up to defeat the official candidates, it will not be very easy for Lal Kishenchand Advani to become the Prime Minister of India though he must be expecting a miracle.

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