Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Another kid falls in borewell hole: Lucky Vandana rescued

Once again the nation remained glued to the TV screens as yet another operation was launched to rescue a kid who had accidentally fallen into a deep borewell hole, which was lying uncovered.

The girl, Vandana, a mere two year old, was trapped deep down, 45 feet below the ground. And it was just a 1-1/2 feet wide hole. At last, after an effort of 27 hours, the Army men succeeded in rescuing the child. The incident occurred in Tehra village in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh.

Ever since she had fallen into the pit, the oxygen supply and other things like eatables were sent down. It was a delicate operation but at the end, the girl was safely brought out. There were prayers on every lips.

The holes are dug and when water doesn't come out, rather than filling covering such risky holes, they are simply left open. But how long will such incidents keep happening. It's simply our national syndrome: Carelessness (The, who cares! attitude). Don't we all remember Prince (Kurukshetra) and many similar kids who fell in such holes, some survived, others didn't.

At the moment, at least, it's celebration time. But there must be a resolve and TV channels should spread the message that wherever there are such holes, residents must try to fill them.

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