Friday, 17 August 2007

Advertisements on Independence Day 60 Years Ago

Sixty years ago on August 15th 1947 the newspaper advertisements also reflected the spirit of independence.

On the left is the Parle ad, 'The battle won'. Independence had failed to bring the expected joy as the realisation had sunk in that the country was now divided.

The G&C advertisement wishes both the countries--the dominions of India and Pakistan--prosperity.

The third advertisement is of Kopran, a tooth paste, which makes rather tall claims about its popularity. Our old habit of hyperbole and exaggeration. Another is the advertisement of Dalmia Cement, 'Constructing your house of independence with Dalmia Cement'. Also, there is the notice of Delhi rationing department, asking the residents to submit certain documents in case they plan to leave India and become citizens of Pakistan.

The Lux ad is however oblivious to the change. It shows actress Kanan Devi, and claims that her beauty is a result of her use of Lux 'Toilet' Soap.

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