Sunday, 9 March 2008

Shahrukh-Saif's abusive and indecent remarks at Filmfare award function

It's a bit late to write about the indecency of Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan at the Film Fare Award function, but I feel it is important to write about their poor conduct.

They not only hurled abuses openly but almost spelt out 'maa-behen ki gaali' to critics (saying the first half until maa ki and then stopping short, as everybody cheered).
The issue is not that who they were abusing. Everybody present in the hall seemed amused when they behaved disgracefully. The Urdu word Fakhr (pride) was spelt jokingly to mean the four letter word (fuck).
Shouldn't we expect the so called rolemodels to be civilised. Their behaviour was disgusting but it seems there is nobody willing to say that. Not even critics. Who can risk falling out of favour of these 'King Khans' and 'Chhotey Nawabs'?
And that's the tragedy our times. The dumbing down of generations is complete. Vandana K Mittal wrote about it on "Shahrukh was out for settling scores and humiliating everyone he had some grudge against. There was no humour there, only poorly veiled animosity. " She wonders if he is so blinded by success and 'power'?
I agree. Shahrukh was cheap. With success a man must get graceful and then only he earns respect. He is yet to learn that and the incident shows him in very poor light. Preferrably he should apologise for making cheap fun of some many actors and actresses from Bachchans to even Vidya Balan.

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