Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Petrol prices hike: Where is your cycle?

So petrol prices have gone up. Right now it's Rs 5* and there are no such signs that the prices will stop increasing. What's the alternative?

Take out your cycle. If you don't have an old Atlas, BSA SLR or Ranger, get a new one. We have become so dependent on these motorcycles and cars that even if we have to go to just a few hundreds meters from our homes, we prefer to give a kick to our bike or turn the key in the ignition.

This is making us a nation of the most lethargic middle-class. Everyone is zooming past on their motors. And we do this when we don't even have the fuel resources. Just let the prices go up a couple of times more and it will be unbearable.

It's a typical Indian habit that when we get a thing, we use to the hilt. We are couch potatoes and don't want to leave the 'gaddi' either of motorcycle, car or our chairs. That's why India has the misfortune of having most diabetics.

Ride a cycle and do walk a couple of miles. It's not that taxing, guys!

[Photo by Pichenettes courtesy]

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