Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Allahabad University Students' Moment of Shame

Words fail to describe the feeling of disgust which overcomes one upon seeing the photograph of this university teacher's plight

His face blackened and footwear tied around his neck by none other than the students, in the campus of Allahabad University.

It was this great instiution where once taught Firaq Gorakhpuri and Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Luminaries and leaders were produced in this university then. Now they have been replaced by louts.

But to think of those days is criminal in today's context.The 'students' who did this inhuman act, should be stripped of their degrees and charged with criminal cases.

What was the fault of this teacher? The students' union was against him (Shrivastava) for attending a meeting related to an examination in which his relative was also appearing, say reports. See the news in DNA.

The professor was beaten up by the students' council members and publicly humiliated. But no FIR was registered. This is the state of our society where

Pray for this country and the citizens. What else do we have to say?

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