Tuesday, 21 August 2012

False propaganda over Bangladeshi immigrants responsible for Bodo-Muslim clashes!

RSS' propaganda over immigration has affected media also
For years, there has been a sustained campaign that Muslim population has been growing by leaps and bounds in Assam.

The truth is exactly the opposite. However, the fact is that if a lie is repeated hundreds of times, people tend to believe it. With Sangh Parivar and its allied groups mouthing the same at every forum on ground and on internet, it had already prejudiced the minds.

The outbreak of the Bodo-Muslim clashes that have displaced lakhs of people in Assam, must send us into introspective mode. After 65 years of independence, we are yet to gain maturity. The Kokrajhar violence just shows it.

Though the state government's inept handling is another aspect, national media also fell prey to the bogey of immigrants' capturing Assam. Census reports clearly show that there is no en masse entry of Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam.

Even native Assamese Muslims are labelled as Bangla and outsiders. This is a sad situation. Nilim Dutta, who  is head of Strategic Research and Analysis Organisation, Guwahati has delved into the issue of violence in Assam at length.

Poisoning the minds of people is easy in this age. But its also important that one should de-communalize it. To understand the complexities behind the violence, the tensions, the land related issues and the cause of trouble in Kokrajhar, first have an unbiased mind and then read this article here.

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