Sunday, 10 October 2010

BJP fails to take initiative on Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir verdict, loses historic opportunity

The BJP had a historic opportunity to take a lead over Congress after the High Court verdict on Ayodhya that divided land between the three claimants, but the party failed to take initiative, and once again seems to have lost the chance..

When Muslim voices in favour of reconciliation were emerging, the BJP leaders should have taken initiative and gone ahead with meeting Muslim clerics including All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), Deoband and Jamat Islami, which would have put moral pressure on Muslim leadership to reciprocate.

But the BJP leadership kept mum, even looking shocked by the verdict of Allahabad High Court's Lucknow bench. Its leaders spoke in different voices, some favoured the decision while others didn't want to share even 1/3rd of the disputed land with Muslims.

Some Sangh Parivar elements and leaders of VHP, Bajrang Dal and other groups said that they would not let mosque built near the temple. By taking an initiative at dialogue and reconciliation, BJP could have improved its image and its gesture would have earned it goodwill among the peace loving Indians.

Congress was in a tough situation but BJP threw the opportunity. The parties will go to the Supreme Court and the case may take years. Meanwhile, verdict of the criminal case of Babri Mosque demolition can come in the meanwhile and some party leaders can be indicted, which will be another problem for the BJP.

The LK Advani era has gone and under the new president Nitin Gadkari, BJP had a chance to emerge as a responsible party. But it failed to rise the occasion and none its leaders could play or speak like a statesman.

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