Sunday, 7 December 2008

Congress gains in Delhi, Rajasthan: Terrorism remains non-issue in State elections

The Mumbai terrorist attack failed to change the voter mood and the anger against government didn't translate into the anti-Congress vote.

Initial trends clearly indicated that Congress was again returning to power in Delhi and Sheila Dixit was set to lead the party to victory for the third time in succession. Delhi voted for Sheila Dixit on development plank--either it is metro railway or the flyovers. The electorate of Rajasthan rejected the Vasundhara Raje's BJP government and Congress is bouncing back here also.

In Mizoram Congress is all set to get a majority. While Congress had nothing to lose in Madhya Pradesh as the last Assembly had little presence of the party. So it fared better though BJP is forming the government on its own again. In Chhattisgarh BJP has a slight lead and may form the government though Congress hasn't fared too badly.

The elections cleary indicate that despite BJP's best efforts to polarise the voters on the issue of terrorism, particularly the terrorists attack on Mumbai, and raking up controversial issues like Afzal Guru's hanging didn't cut the ice with the Indian voter.

Now, LK Advani would have to think of strategies to turn the tide in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. Though elections for the assembly and parliament are fought on different issues, it is still a setback for the Congress though it may form governments in MP and possibly Chhattisgarh.

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