Sunday, 9 November 2008

Deshdrohi: Movie on anti-immigrant violence in Mumbai

Ham mehmaan ko bhagvaan samajhte haiN
Kabhi UP, Bihar aa kar dekhna....

These are the lines from Deshdrohi, a movie focussing on the anti-immigrant violence in Mumbai, which is making waves across the country.

Though the preview scenes aren't impressive, the movie might just click because of the timing of release. Kamal Khan, the producer of the movie, is also playing the lead role.

The film has already got good publicity. At least, in Northern India, it is already projected to be a hit due to MNS chief Raj Thackeray's tirade against people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The recent killing of a Bihar youth, Rahul Raj, in Mumbai has also been incorporated in the movie. Though the film was in the making for over a year, the sudden spurt in violence against people from UP and Bihar, has come as a short in the arm for the makers of the movie. Even if it looks like a B grade movie and Kamal Khan appears imitating Rajkumar, the promos are amusing.

Kamal Khan, however, says that he made the film not for making money alone but because it was his passion. Replying to a question on NDTV regarding the success the movie might achieve due to the ongoing controversy, Khan said that the film may make a few crores extra due to the controversy, but he is not banking on it alone and is rich enough to pay Rs 12 crore as Income Tax annually.

Other than his interest in movies, Khan runs a successful business.Gracy Singh plays the role of lead actress and it is probably a coincidence that Rahul Raj was already name of a character in the movie. The Censor board has cleared the movie. Barely a week is left for the movie to be released in theatres across the country.

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