Friday, 12 September 2008

American Attacks: Pakistan pays for harbouring militants

Just when Pakistani Army chief had flexed his muscles and issued a veiled warning to US for military raids on the Pak soil, another attack has caused over a dozen deaths in the North Western region of the country.

Clearly, the missile attack in Miranshah town in Waziristan has proved that USA isn't going to treat Pakistan softly anymore. And nobody in Washington is taking Pakistan seriously.

General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had earlier said that no foreign troops would be allowed to infringe with his nation's sovereignty but the Bush administration seems to have given a go-ahead to attack militants' hideouts in Pakistan.

Would Pak authorities realise that their country is not left with much of an international standing as attacks have hardly caused any major condemnation the world over? Just when Kayani 'warned' the United States, the fresh attack took place. Despite Pakistan's 'special status' and the country being US 'ally' in the War on terror.

Only last week there was a similar strike in South Waziristan. So much of Pakistan's efforts to appease USA over the years, have come to a naught, as America has made it clear that when it comes to its interests, it is not going to give a long rope to Pakistan anymore.

It should be a lesson to Pakistan government, military, administration and their intelligence agencies. Will they learn now?

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